CCRadio Plus

From C.Crane Company

   The CCRadio plus is a refinement of the original CCRadio. It still offers the same exceptional long range AM reception. Audio has been specifically tailored for the human voice. Operation of the radio is simple. Five stations can be stored into memory on each band. With the built-in weather band you can listen to the NOAA weather station for current local conditions. A special Weather Alert feature sounds an alarm to notify you of weather emergency updates day or night.

   Features: Adjustable bass and treble controls; 5" speaker, output power - 2W on AC; LCD display; Clock with alarm, (buzzer or radio); Sleep timer; One touch memory recall (like a car); Auto scan & stop; Rotary tuning knob with 1 kHz fine tuning; Headphone jack. Built-in 6V DC input jack & charging circuit allows you to run this radio via the optional solar panel. Operates over 250 hours on (4) Alkaline "D" batteries; Plugs in with the AC cord (included); Wide base for stability; No S.W. Band. One-year warranty.

   New features: Programmable timer; Audio IN/OUT jacks; Switch jack for use with the VersaCorder; Signal strength meter; Battery strength meter; Audible band indicator; FM stereo through headphones; You can tune in one station & then automatically switch to another station at anytime you specify; Weather alert feature can now also be programmed to turn on the radio to the weather station. Weight: 3.9 lbs. Size: 11" W x 6-1/2" H x 4" D.

SW-CCP  -  $159.95

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