Katadyn TRK Drip Filter

   Katadynís tabletop model lets gravity do the work! Enjoy filtered drinking water without having to pump a single drop! The Drip consists of two stacked durable food-grade plastic containers. After filling the upper container with 2.5 gallons of raw untreated water the TRK does all the work for you using gravity to filter the water through three elements. The water drips into the bottom holding container which has a handy spigot giving you easy access to your now safe, clean drinking water. Excellent for home use, mountain cabins, foreign living, vacation homes, boats, and RV's. No hookup required, self contained.

  • Removes:  Protozoa, and Bacteria

  • Applications:  Base camps, cabins, RV's, boats

  • Comes with 3 ceramic element

  • Weight:  10 pounds

  • Dimensions: 26 inches x 11 inches

  • Output:  .75 gallon per hour

  • Lifespan of ceramic:  39,000 gallons

TRK Drip Filter with 3 Elements  K-TRK

11 lbs.


Replacement Ceramic Element  K-TRK1

1 lb.

$  59

Set of 3 Replacement Ceramic Elements  K-TRK3

3 lbs.



Gravidyn Water Filter

   This filter is identical to the TRK Drip Filter. The only difference is this filter has carbon within the ceramic element, meaning chemicals will also be greatly reduced while still removing 100% of all microorganisms. The life-span of these elements are shorter due to the short life of carbon (6 months to eight months) as compared to the regular TRK elements.


11 lbs.


Replacement Ceramic Element  K-GDRE1

1 lb. $  49

Set of 3 Replacement Ceramic Elements  K-GDRE3

3 lbs.



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